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All new memberships are bound by a three (3) month contract. This contract is in place for the purpose of encouraging new members to continue with their new journey, despite the possibility of their own mental defeat that they can not do the workouts. During the first month, new members are learning the movements taught by Axiom Fitness. In the second month, new members will start getting accustomed to the movement and begin developing their own daily routine. At the three month mark, new members have established a fitness routine into their life and are performing the workouts as normal.


If you wish to cancel your Axiom Fitness Membership and have been a member of Axiom Fitness for at least 90 days, you may cancel at any time. Cancellations must be submitted 15 days before the next billing cycle. Click here to complete a cancellation request form.

Axiom Fitness does not offer any refunds.

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If you want to keep your membership, but are going to be away from the gym for an extended period of time, we suggest you freeze your account. Click here to complete an account freeze form.